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International Shipping

The International Shipping Policy of

Our International Shipping Policy

International Shipping Policy, International Shipping Policy, Knobtown Cycle

Since most of the items we list are used and also on display in our local showroom our products are not packaged until they are sold.  Because of this we do not have package information available to automatically calculate accurate international shipping charges.  Shipments within the USA are based off of E-Bay’s Shipping model of Flat Fees.

We do accept orders

from outside the USA.

How to place an order for items placed in our shopping cart for destinations outside the United States:

While you complete your order with an address outside of the United States you be provided two options for shipping your items.  We will package your item in the smallest suitable package and determine its weight.  We use Ship Station for all our shipping and tracking number will be issued for your order.

We will determine costs based on the two options below.

  • International Shipping Fastest Way
  • International Shipping Least Expensive/ Slower Way

International Shipping Fastest Way –   We will invoice you for shipping the cost to deliver your order by the quickest means available.   

International Shipping Least Expensive/ Slower Way – We will invoice you for shipping the cost to deliver your order by the most cost effective method. 

We will invoice directly for these shipping charges via email. Once that invoice is paid your item will go out with the next pickup.

This process will add up to 1 business day to your order and is also dependent on you responding to the shipping cost email as well as paying the emailed invoice for the international shipping charges.

If you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team.

Press Release 1-2-2020

Knobtown Cycle, Kansas City’s Motorcycle Shop is excited to announce international shipping of most products in our online inventory.  With the addition of thousands of new parts from our vendors we are positioned to have most any part available to ship worldwide.   Visit our online store at to see what we have for you.

“I always wanted to go worldwide!” said Kit Fox, Owner of Knobtown Cycle. Now we are with over 20,000 motorcycle parts and accessories on our website. 

We launched our online shopping in 2015, we started getting requests for parts from people around the world.  Realizing our neighborhood motorcycle shop was getting traffic from around the world we learned about customs forms and went to work solving the problems of International Shipping.   We have since sold parts to folks in Australia, Italy, France, Germany England, Canada and of course all around the United States.

Our Challenge – Many of the parts are we market online are used and are also on display in our showroom. Most of them have never seen the inside of a box.

Our Solution – Allow International shoppers to indicate either fast or cheap for their shipping method at the time of order.  Upon purchase the item is boxed and weighed and shipping costs are determined and invoiced separately.

We declare all international purchases as “Motorcycle Parts” in case you need to check with your local customs authority for current import duties in your country. We will also provide an itemized detail of the items on the custom forms.  Orders delivered to you exceeding $750 will require a signature of receipt upon delivery.

Orders are processed during our store hours Tuesday – Saturday only.  Some OEM parts and other backordered items may have to ship cross country to us before we can process and ship them to you otherwise orders are processed and shipped in 1 business day from time of order.