It’s not me...its what I stand for.

                                                  --- Kit Fox, Owner Knobtown Cycle.



We are Knobtown!

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Chief Functionality Specialist

Kit is a graduate of MMI in 1996 and has been a motorcycle mechanic for more than 20 years. He spent 4 years working for Harley as well as 3 years in an aftermarket shop before he opened Knobtown Cycle in 2004. A fixture in the local bike community Kit knows parts and service. With almost an encyclopedic memory of parts and accessories his knowledge and experience are what you need when you are repairing or customizing your ride.

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Chief Assurance Designer

So when voice from your past calls and says “Hey Kit, I’m moving back to town. You need a parts guy?” What do you do… You welcome him to the Team. TJ joined the crew during the summer of 2018 and he knows how to find what you are looking for. From stock to aftermarket TJ knows the ropes!
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Dynamic Mobility Facilitator

Shawn has been with Knobtown cycle since May of 2007 he keeps the shop running and is often seen volunteering to road test the cucum machines we work on. He is certified as an inspector for the state of Missouri. His 9 years of full time experience working on motorcycles shows his commitment to delivering quality work.
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office, webmaster

Global Optimization Strategist

Sometimes someone just needs to be there to make sure all the computers work. Tasked with brining the technology behind the scenes up to date Eric, joined the team in 2017 with 20 plus years as a website designer and business consultant.

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Our Backstory

In the spring of 2004,

A new motorcycle shop opened its doors in an old strip mall on the corner of 350 Highway and Noland road. An unassuming location with a small service area and an even smaller show room. On that day shop owner’s Kit Fox and Jack Willig began the journey of Knobtowncycle. Both friends had a love for motorcycles and the vision of a lifestyle. A lifestyle that would include fun, freedom and a willingness to grow.

Over time,

Knobtowncycle did grow. And within two years they took over the shop next door, more than doubling the floor space. Within five years, Knobtowncycle moved to the present location at 13921 E 350 Hwy (a couple of blocks east of the original location.) Throughout all the changes one thing remains consistent. A loyalty to our friends, what some might call our “customer base” and a loyalty to our vision that is Knobtowncycle.
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Come experience the comradery and the atmosphere that makes us unique.

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